Promoting Sports for the blind

Pakistan blinds sports federation

PBSF is a registered Non-Profit  sports federation in Pakistan working for promoting sports for the blind people. PBSF is registered with International Blinds Sports federation IBSA ,Pakistan Sports Board PSB National Paralympic Committee of Pakistan NPC and Pakistan Paralympic.

President PBSF ch Muhammad Waqas Warraich

Secretery General PBSF Salman Elahi

Secretery Domestic Affairs PBSF Khaliel Ahmed

Secretery International Affairs Talish Hussain

Marketing Manager  Muhammad Atif Kiyani




Sports Activities

We Promote Following Sports for the blind

IBSA and Paralympics Sports

Swimming , Sailing
Rowing , Chess , Showdown
Goal ball and Base ball
Football,Track Cycling,Chess


Sports Events

a few words about us

PBSF, the Pakistan Blind Sports Federation, is in charge of a wide range of sports for athletes who are blind or partially sighted.

PBSF was founded in June 2014 when representatives from PBSF  met at the PSB headquarters in Pakistan, to set up the organisation.

PBSF is registered with International Blind Sports federation,Pakistan Sports Board and Pakistan Paralympics.


Mission Statement

Rehabilitation,Inclusion and Success through sports for life

Goals and Objectives

1. Successful inclusion of visually impaired-Blind Persons in the main stream of society to bring them out of isolation.

2. Capacity building through physical fitness and courage for life

3. Active participation in society through para sports,Training and sports skill development

4. To break the shell of fear of being deprived and unsuccessful and to develop leadership qualities among the visually impaired-blind persons

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